How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Many people are willing to do or try anything to make their hair look good, but sometimes they forget to maintain the health of the hair itself. Sometimes there are some hair styling practices that can damage your hair. Here are several things related to your hair health: An easy technique to check your hair […]

How to Treat Dry and Dull Hair

How to treat dry hair is not the same as normal hair. There are at least some steps to be taken to achieve a satisfactory outcome.┬áThree steps of these measures include stage before washing, the stage during hair washing, and the stage after washing. In the stage before washing hair for those who have rather […]

Essential nutrients for Hair Growth

Proper minerals and vitamins can keep our hair healthy, because the lack of nutrients the body needs will cause the hair to be thin, even the most severe can make baldness. Your hair condition reflects the health of your body, if the body is healthy and adequate nutrition, then our hair will always be beautiful […]

Various Types of Popular Diets

In choosing the type of diet should be careful, because not all diets are good for health, for example like a cabbage diet, energy drink diet, or just eat when already feeling very hungry. It would be very harmful if you succeed in dieting but you even become sick. Here is various type of popular […]

Benefit Of Regular Facial

Various beauty clinics provide various types of facials tailored to the needs of each person’s skin. Generally, there is a doctor who will directs you in choosing the right treatment for the skin. If you include people who regularly do it, you are lucky, because, by doing facials regularly, you will feel the skin look […]