Lifting The Dead Skin Cells in The Face

  Dead skin cells, especially on the face often interfere with appearance. If our face is dry, dull or even black spots, we will feel less confident. Here are some tips that are worth to try. Lime Take one piece of lime, then cut it into two parts. Apply and rub gently on your face […]

Eliminate Blackheads Naturally

For the young adults, blackhead is a big problem. Blackhead can ruin a person’s appearance, and can make him unconfident. On the face, blackhead usually appears around the nose and cheeks. If the blackhead is left enlarged, it will cause the pores of the skin is also getting bigger, and will be difficult to re-shrink […]

Decrease Facial Pores

Large pores are often experienced by the face of oily and combination. Excess oil and dirt can clog pores and make pores look enlarged. Here are some tips to make the pores smaller. Cleaning the face. Use a soft cleanser twice a day and after exercise. Do not be too often clean the face with […]

Redden Black Lips Naturally

Black lips can be caused by illness, cosmetic effects, sun exposure, smoking, often bite lips and caffeine. Black lips will give the impression of pale and look less fresh. Surely this is very problematic for one’s appearance, especially for women. Here are some natural way to Redden your lips. Lime Lime is basically a natural […]

Natural Ingredients for Removing Scars on the Skin.

Having a scar on the body can sometimes make you feel less comfortable and less confidence. Especially if the scar is located in the area of ​​skin that is not covered by clothing. Actually there are several medical ways to remove scars on the skin, such as by visiting a dermatologist to perform collagen injections, […]