Hairs Coloring Tips

  The use of temporary, semi-permanent or permanent hair dyes involves chemical processes that affect the hair. These chemicals can cause hair cuticle damage. You can see almost the same hair damage in hair treatment using chemicals. Hair damage that occurs among the hair is easily damaged, broken when combed, and feels rough. Hair is […]

Suitable Shampoo for Your Hair Type

To determine the type of shampoo appropriate for your hair, you must know hair type your first. Here are the types of hair and scalp and shampoos corresponding with it: Dry hair Characteristic : Looks dull (not sparkling). Edge branching (easy to crack). The color of hair is reddish and uneven. Shampoo for dry hair […]

Various Types of Hair Shampoo

This thick liquid works to clean the hair and oily scalp due to exposure to dirt and dust. Generally the shampoo contains two ingredients namely Laureth Sulfate and Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate. If the Ammonium content is listed in┬ápackaging in addition to the basic ingredients of water, then the shampoo is a type of deep cleansing […]

Diabetes Causes Hair Loss

At first glance human head hair does not seem to have any function other than for its appearance. However, hair is still a part of the human body, therefore what happens to one of the other body parts will bring effect to the condition of human hair. Hair actually has hair roots and pouches that […]

Goodbye Dandruff..!!!

Dandruff occurs because of the growth of the scalp is too fast, so the scalp that has not been complete dies is forced to fall, which is why the scalp becomes scaly and itchy. It usually happens also because of hormonal imbalances, poor health, excessive sweating, allergies, lack of rest, stress, excessive consumption of sugar […]