Habits That Damage Your Skin

Problems on the skin such as acne, irritation, and so on, do not just appear but are caused by wrong habits. Fix a habit that is bad for the skin. Here are some habits that can aggravate the skin condition. Not getting enough antioxidants. Fulfill the skin’s need for antioxidants, at least eat five servings […]

This Ritual Makes Skin Wrinkle

Many Women are not aware that some beauty rituals actually cause problems that reduce beauty. Here are some beauty rituals that make skin wrinkled easily. Pulls skin in the eye area when applying eyeliner. Pulls skin in the eye area when applying eyeliner can cause some skin problems. This habit makes the skin of the […]

Tips to Shrink The Skin Pores

All women would want a beautiful face and look younger. Unfortunately many women have large pores that make them look older and become less confident. There are several factors that cause the skin pores to enlarge, among others because of the blackheads, acne, age, and mistreatment. Here are the natural ingredients that help you shrink […]

How to Treat Sensitive Skin

One of the most difficult types of skin care is sensitive skin because it is highly reactive and smooth. Sensitive skin usually leads to excessive reactions when using cosmetics, soap, shampoo, or sunscreen lotion. This condition can get worse when sensitive skin exposed to dry and cold air. Here are some ways to care for sensitive […]

Natural Ingredients for Removing Scars on the Skin.

Having a scar on the body can sometimes make you feel less comfortable and less confidence. Especially if the scar is located in the area of ​​skin that is not covered by clothing. Actually there are several medical ways to remove scars on the skin, such as by visiting a dermatologist to perform collagen injections, […]