Essential nutrients for Hair Growth

Proper minerals and vitamins can keep our hair healthy, because the lack of nutrients the body needs will cause the hair to be thin, even the most severe can make baldness. Your hair condition reflects the health of your body, if the body is healthy and adequate nutrition, then our hair will always be beautiful shiny.

If we have health problems or the body does not get enough nutrition, the hair will stop growing or show signs of damage. When the body is in its best condition, we can genetically maximize hair growth with the right mix of amino acids and vitamin B. In addition, elements of B-6, biotin and folic acid should also exist.

Some elements of minerals such as magnesium, sulfur, silica and zinc were also taking part in maintaining healthy hair. These important substances are already contained in some shampoo products.

Beta carotene is the most important ingredient for hair growth, because it will be converted into vitamin A which the body needs, helps hair grow normally, builds bone, and coats the nerve fibers, but it also helps us to have healthy hair, nails and skin. Beta carotene can be obtained by consuming vegetables and fruits.

The strands of hair that are in our heads are actually proteins, and the elements already described above are included in protein, so a strict low-protein diet automatically interferes with hair growth. Other sources of protein are fish, yellows, nuts and yogurt. Protein from soy is also good to stimulate hair growth. A study proves that soy is not only good for making hair stronger, but also good for growing hair.

Hair does not only need protein as a nutrient needed to maintain its health, but also requires iron, vitamin E, and minerals, such as selenium, copper, and magnesium to help keep hair in good condition. All these nutrients are involved in producing the various proteins that make up the hair. A vegetarian is susceptible to iron deficiency, because the iron in vegetables is not like iron in meat, which is easily absorbed by the body. High iron content is present in foods such as: shellfish, oysters, and offal. But eating offal can bring a bad health impact. Lean meats, beef, and fish. Good sources of iron for vegetarians are: cereals, soybeans, pumpkin seeds, white beans, red beans, and spinach. Just like lack of protein, iron deficiency in the body can also cause hair loss.

Post Author: Aleena Rumi