How to Treat Dry and Dull Hair

How to treat dry hair is not the same as normal hair. There are at least some steps to be taken to achieve a satisfactory outcome. Three steps of these measures include stage before washing, the stage during hair washing, and the stage after washing.

In the stage before washing hair for those who have rather dry hair, affixing vitamin A, D, E, F cream derived from plants and keratin like Shea Butter is highly recommended. This matter useful for giving food to hair fibers, moisturize and restore the balance of hair natural. For women who have very dry hair types, it is recommended to add a cream contains carrot oil (rich in vitamin A and protein plants) to soften hair, improve damaged hair, and moisturizes very hair dry to normal.

After the first stage is over, the next stage is to wash your hair using a shampoo. A shampoo containing collagen is best used to cure and moisturize dry scalp and hair, as well as to rebuild the balance of the natural hair and the hair fibers. You should use collagen shampoo only once a week, the rest uses ordinary shampoo.

The use of conditioner on hair as the next step should not be forgotten. Especially for dry hair, the recommended type of conditioner is full of vitamins A, E, and F for smoothness, not rigid and glowing hair. Do not use conditioner on the scalp, but use it on the hair, because it is the hair that needs moisturizer. When a conditioner is applied to the scalp, the pores of the scalp can absorb the conditioner cream, so it is feared that oil production in the scalp will become excessive. As a final touch, give hair tonic to the scalp to strengthen the hair roots, stimulate new hair growth and treat the scalp.

Post Author: Aleena Rumi