Various Types of Popular Diets

In choosing the type of diet should be careful, because not all diets are good for health, for example like a cabbage diet, energy drink diet, or just eat when already feeling very hungry. It would be very harmful if you succeed in dieting but you even become sick. Here is various type of popular diet :

Atkins Diet

Focus on controlling insulin levels in the body and including low-carb diet. This diet consumes more protein and fat because when not consuming carbohydrates, energy in the body is obtained from burning fat. but this diet is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women because it can cause fatigue, dry mouth, insomnia and gastric complaints. This diet if done in the long term can potentially cause stroke, coronary heart disease and increase blood pressure.

Zone Diet

This diet allows people to eat all, but the portion must meet the formula of 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat, and 30% protein in every meal.

Un-taste food diet

There are no special requirements about foods that are allowed and not, most importantly without flavor, the goal is to lower appetite. Usually, food is cooked in a way boiled so as not to use oil and reduce calories in food.

Bacteria Diet

This diet is done without regulating or cutting daily calories, but eating more probiotic foods. according to some people’s experience, they claimed to successfully lose weight up to 22 pounds within 6 months, by eating only half a glass of yogurt and other probiotic foods without reducing the daily portion of the meal.

Kiddie Diet

This diet only allows eating baby food only, which is believed to have the content of very well and healthy if consumed by adults.

Raw Food diet

Diets that consume only raw or undercooked foods so that the vitamins and protein foods are not lost during the cooking process, as well as avoiding foods from animals, such as meat, cheese, yogurt, mayonnaise and other derivatives.

Keto diet

Called keto because eating only low-carbohydrate or no carbohydrate diet at all, when there is no carbohydrate the body will be in ketosis condition so that blood sugar drops and the body uses fat as a source of energy. This diet is suitable done by people with obesity.

The south beach diet

Diet that prioritizes high protein and healthy fats but limits fat and complex carbohydrates. This diet is good for diabetics because it can lower blood sugar levels.

Post Author: Aleena Rumi