Easy and Painless Diet

People often to complain about a heavy diet and fail. Actually, you can diet easily and practically without having a strict and heavy diet.


The portion of the meal plays an important role. If able, reduce the portion of food gradually. As a first step, replace your dinner plate with a smaller size. Bringing lunch also can avoid you to eat more and unhealthy food. Never be tempted to buy anything with large portions even though the offer is very interesting. Keep buying in small portions.

If you have not been able to reduce the portion of food, multiply eat foods high in fiber, protein and low in calories. The trick, start from low-calorie foods and then to more calorie foods. Prioritize vegetables and fruits before eating heavy meals. You can also add soup before a big meal but choose a creamy soup and avoid fast food.


Eat during meal hours. When you skip meals, you tend to eat more afterward. Better to eat big three times a day with a reasonable portion. It is important to set how often and how much you are eat.


Do not do other activities especially while watching television and on the couch. You have unconsciously consumed a lot of food. When eating, eat at the dinner table. Chew the food longer than usual and stop before it gets too full.

Do not snack after the dinner hour. Replace with healthy snacks that are not less delicious like yogurt, fruit or drinking water. Avoid soft drinks, candy, and processed foods when snacking.

Replace your regular beverages such as cappuccino or high-calorie latte drinks with basic coffee drinks without additional syrup, cream, milk and more. Better still if replaced with fruit or vegetable juice.

Post Author: Aleena Rumi