The Relationship Between Yoga with One’s Appearance

Yoga is a way of meditation that impacts on the health system of the body as a whole, both physical and spiritual. The yoga culture is originally from India and has been practiced for thousands of years. From what it means, yoga can be translated as relaxation, an activity that not only nourishes the body but also will look at one’s appearance so that it will look younger.

People who routine practicing yoga, will feel very confident, always positive thinking in daily life. This will affect the aura/chakra emitted by her body, so the appearance would increasingly stunning.

Besides that, yoga also taught how to breathe deeply. This breathing exercise will increase lung capacity significantly, increasing rough oxygen in the blood. The higher the blood oxygen level, the better the ability to regenerate damaged cells.

In general, the more people age, the more damaged cells in the body, including skin cells, where it is characterized by the appearance of thin wrinkles on the skin. In the elderly, the cell regeneration process is slow so that the buildup of damaged cells gets worse.

One study found that doing yoga exercises regularly within six months, will increase the capacity of one’s lungs, the ability to cope with stress, lose weight, and lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Even doing a 1.5-hour facial yoga exercise for 8 weeks, followed by an exercise for 12 weeks afterward, can improve facial skin.

Facial yoga or facial exercises are believed to improve appearance so that aging signs disappear. This method is cheap, harmless, and everyone is able to do it.

some yoga movements where the head position is lower than the waist, will cause improved blood circulation, and smooth the flow of nutrients and oxygen to each part of the body. This will make the skin tissue well-groomed. That way, the effects of youthful appearance can be obtained.


Post Author: Aleena Rumi