Hairs Coloring Tips


The use of temporary, semi-permanent or permanent hair dyes involves chemical processes that affect the hair. These chemicals can cause hair cuticle damage. You can see almost the same hair damage in hair treatment using chemicals. Hair damage that occurs among the hair is easily damaged, broken when combed, and feels rough. Hair is a part of the body that needs to be maintained and cared for. Here are some ways you can take care of your colored hair.

  1. Test the hair first.

Before coloring the hair, make sure the hair dye is safe and does not cause allergic reactions. The trick is to do a very easy test, that is by applying a little hair dye behind the ear. Re-apply at least two or three times by letting each spread dry first. Leave on for 48 hours (two days). If no reaction occurs, you can use the hair dye. However, if itchy or irritating, stop immediate use, and do not use the product.

  1. Just for hair.

Do not use hair dye for eyelashes or eyebrows because the part Around the eyes is a sensitive area. In addition, the skin layer of this section has a thinner skin layer than other skins.

  1. Just one chemical treatment.

Mistakes in hair care are to make permanent hair coloring as well as straighten it. Hair coloring as well as straightening it can result in damage, severe to the hair. If you want the hair colored permanently at once

straighten it out, wait at least two weeks before dyeing hair. Using the two chemical processes on the hair can make hair break easily, and difficult to manage.

  1. Cut the tip of the hair.

Cut the ends of hair every 4 to 6 weeks to remove the branched ends and make hair more manageable. Suitable haircuts are a great start for you so that the hair does not require other treatments such as pegging, mousse use, and so on.

  1. Special formulation products.

Use shampoo and conditioner with a special formula for colored hair. Painted/colored hair requires a protein-containing shampoo containing a color protector. Special hair-colored shampoos are formulated to make the coarse cuticle soft and keep the cortex moist while preventing faded hair. Add it more conditioner at the end of the hair. Rinse thoroughly as the rest of the shampoo and conditioner can attract dirt and fade the natural glow of the hair and make the hair difficult to regulate.

  1. No need to wash your hair frequently.

Do maximum hair care once a day. When shampooing, avoid rubbing hair too strong. Rinse until all shampoo is clean. No need to wash when the hair is not dirty.

  1. Protect it from the sun

Colored hair should be protected from sunlight. Not only to prevent dry hair but also to keep the hair color longer. Use a conditioner that contains a sunscreen, or use a head cover if doing activities under exposure to sunlight for a long time.

Post Author: Aleena Rumi