The Cause of Blackheads

Most blackheads appear on the cheeks, nose and T-zone areas. Blackheads can interfere with appearance, also make makeup is not attached perfectly. Most people make the mistake of punching blackheads on the face. Blackheads are squeezed will cause acne and the pores will enlarge. If the pores are enlarged and acne appears to cause more complex beauty problems again. For that, you need to know what causes blackheads. There are two steps to stop blackheads, the first is to remove blackheads physically, the next step is to stop the cause, and this can only be done if you know the cause of the appearance of blackheads that you suffer. Here are some causes of blackheads.

1. Excess oil is owned by women or men with oily facial skin. Though oily skin has an advantage for youthful but oily skin has many problems. The accumulation of fat and oil that is in the pores faces make an oily face have blackheads on their faces. When you rub your skin it feels rough it can be ascertained that your skin is exposed to lots of blackheads.
2. Excessive makeup can cause blackheads.
Makeup that can cause blackheads is a foundation, moisturizer, foundation, milk cleanser, sunscreen. In fact, any conditioner can cause blackheads. Therefore, use proper makeup, after which clean the makeup appropriately. Choosing the appropriate makeup type of skin will be very helpful in this regard.
3. Blackheads can be caused by dirt and dust on the face. Dirt and dust can cause blackheads become blackened, if left constantly will look like the spot on your face, and your face pore getting bigger. People who have blackheads should often wash his face with mild soap, especially after traveling, so as not to make his skin become too oily or too dry.

Post Author: Aleena Rumi