Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss problems can happen to anyone. Hair loss is not only caused by hair styling, but also caused by several other factors such as the influence of pollution, ultra violet rays, free radicals. There are special signs when the hair starts to be said to fall out. The process of hair loss began to be seen from the hair broken when combing hair. This bad problem can also be seen when you wake up, because hair loss is more visible on the surface of the pillow. In addition it can be seen so many hairs released, when we finished washing hair. In normal levels, hair loose from the scalp can reach 50- 120 strands every day.

Usually, hair begins to fall after passing through adolescence. The more age, the more hair that fall out. In women, hair loss will only cause thinning of hair in the upper head, will not cause baldness as in men.

In detail, hairfall and hairloss are differentiated in terms of the cause. Hairfall is a problem of hair loss that occurs due to fragile hair, and exceeds the limit of normal hair loss. Hairloss caused by age, genetic, hormonal, skin infections, or after giving birth.

Hair becomes brittle in hairfall cases caused due to loss of hair protein. There are several factors that cause hairfall include mechanical factors (peeling and cuticle damage due to combing and styling hair, combing when wet hair, and clamping or tying the hair too strong), chemical factors (equality, curling and bleaching), and environment factors (sun rays, pollution, and smoke).

Experts recommend the use of shampoo as well as conditioner that can overcome the problem of brittle hair, do not let the hair in a dirty state for too long. Wear a wide-toothed comb when shampooing. If you want to use a hairdryer, use it with moderate levels of heat and do with a safe distance from the hair, and hairdryer should always be moved or do not focus on just one side. Other tips are suggestions to reduce the use of hair cosmetics such as hairspray and highlights. Do not do curling or straightening too often. Avoid hair exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

Choose products according to hair type and use special hair tonic for hair loss. Do not comb hair at wet times, because the hair in the wet time is prone to fall off when combed.

Post Author: Aleena Rumi