Things that Cause Hair Loss

Hair loss can sometimes make you feel less confident. Before treating hair loss, you should first identify the cause and find the solution. Actually, hair loss is normal. Although everyday hair falling to 80 pieces, it is also still within normal limits. Therefore, hair loss is a process of circulation to provide an opportunity for new hair can grow to replace the fallen hair.


Causes of hair loss can be caused due to stress. Stress raises the level of hormone cortisol needed for the body to function efficiently. However, too much cortisol can cause the body system to become weak and this results in brittle nails and hair loss.
In the case of extreme stress, there are some people who often tug on their own hair. People who experience this stress case are said to suffer from compulsive trichotillomania disorder, and this compulsive habit will obviously further weaken the hair and make it lose.
For the solution, train and manage emotions until emotions do not turn into stress burdensome. Some exercises like meditation, stress management therapy can be tried. Also try a head massage service in the Salon that makes relaxing as well as caring for the scalp, such as doing a cream bath.

Hormones are also influential in terms of hair loss. Two hormones that greatly affect hair growth are androgen hormones in men and estrogen in women. Where the hormone Estrogen can increase hair growth during pregnancy. When pregnant, estrogen levels increase so that the growth phase of the follicle becomes longer. Conversely, when estrogen decreases, hair loss also tends to occur, such as during menopause.

As for men, the opposite of estrogen, male hormone androgen can actually increase the tendency of hair loss. Therefore not surprisingly men tend to be more prone to baldness than women. There is even a type of baldness caused by excess androgen hormones called androgen dependant alopecia. If you facing the problem of hair loss due to hormones, you should do a check to a dermatologist or to a person who has expertise in hair (trichologist).

Irritation and Allergy
In addition, hair loss can also be caused by irritation or allergies by hair products used.

Hair loss can be caused by the use of drugs, especially those containing synthetic hormones such as contraceptives or cancer treatment (chemotherapy). Drugs such as antidepressants, antidiuretic, and RX pills also have side effects of hair loss. How to overcome it, try talking with your doctor, is it possible to lower the dose of these drugs. Or if it is possible to replace the medicines with alternative medicine.

Lack of nutrient intake

Lack of nutrient intake whether occurring in long-term stages or in a sudden stage like a strict diet.
Wet Dandruff
The presence of head injuries or abnormalities in the skinhead like dandruff can causing hair loss.

Wrong habit

Most often, without it is realized we often treat hair with a rough
For examples, we often tied hair too tight, combing with rough or combing hair when wet.

Post Author: Aleena Rumi