Natural Ways to Make Eyebrows Be Dense and Black

Eyebrow beauty is one of the beauty facial enhancers to make it look perfect. However, just because it wants to look pretty much people plucked his eyebrows that look pointy, but they do not know the frequency of doing so will make their eyebrows rarer, even run out. Here are some ways to blacken and dense the eyebrows.

  1. Candlenut Oil.

Apply candlenut oil throughout the eyebrows using fingers or cotton bud while given a massage on the eyebrows. Massage is intended for circulation of blood around the eyebrows to be smooth. Allow for 10 to 15 minutes for the efficacy of the candlenut oil

  1. Mucus from the banana tree.

Take the mucus that is on the banana root then apply on the eyebrow, and to get the maximum results you should do this treatment at least 3 times a week.

  1. Olive oil.

Apply olive oil accompanied by a gentle massage. Do it this way on a regular basis to get a minimum result.

  1. Papaya seed powder.

Use a powder of dried papaya seeds by roasted and mashed, while for use is to add a powder with enough water and then you apply on the eyebrow evenly do regularly to get maximum results.

  1. Cloves.

Prepare about 7-8 pieces of dried cloves, then burn until charred, or may also be roasted without oil until charred. Then puree and add enough hazelnut oil. Apply on eyebrow before bed every day for maximum results.

  1. Castor oil.

Apply castor oil on the eyebrows with gentle massage about 2-3 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Do it regularly, to make the eyebrows darker and thicker again.

  1. Onion red.

Sliced ‚Äč‚Äčonions smeared around the eyebrows, can make thicker eyebrows captivating. However, do not let the eye yaa. Because it can cause pain.

  1. Aloe vera.

Use aloe vera slime applied to the eyebrows, do it regularly. So that will get the eyebrows are thick and black.

  1. Hazelnut.

Use hazelnut seeds that are burnt to charred, then mash until smooth to produce oil. This oil you apply on the eyebrows. Within a few weeks, you can get satisfactory eyebrow results.

Post Author: Aleena Rumi