This Ritual Makes Skin Wrinkle

Many Women are not aware that some beauty rituals actually cause problems that reduce beauty. Here are some beauty rituals that make skin wrinkled easily.

  1. Pulls skin in the eye area when applying eyeliner.

Pulls skin in the eye area when applying eyeliner can cause some skin problems. This habit makes the skin of the eye area swell, damaged blood vessels, and wrinkles. Use eyeliner that is easy to apply rather than having to pull the skin of the eye.

  1. Using a combination of products to prevent aging.

Women love skin care products, such as makeup remover, facial cleansing foam, toner, serum, moisturizer, facial oil, eye cream, eye gel, sunscreen, and wrinkle fi ller. All of that is used in hopes of getting perfect skin. Unfortunately, the use of all products at a time is not the right step. The main mistake in skin care is not realizing that the less used the product the better. Apply products that only really work on your skin. Use products containing retinol, antioxidants, and SPF.

  1. Using organic beauty products.

Organic products are very good for the body, in this case is food. However, not all organic beauty products are good for the skin. Therefore, beauty products and organic skin care can even cause inflammation to the wound.

  1. Remove eye makeup aggressively.

Removing makeup at night is very important. However, you should do so gently and not aggressively. This includes cleansing the eye area, like mascara.

Do not remove eye makeup roughly. The areas of the skin of the fragile eye will swell and cause damage to blood vessels.

  1. Often replace the product.

Have you immediately changed the care or beauty products that you use because it does not give maximum results? This habit is not the right step and even harmful. Products such as cream, take months to get results. So, you should not hastily replace with new products.

Post Author: Aleena Rumi