Habits That Damage Your Skin

Problems on the skin such as acne, irritation, and so on, do not just appear but are caused by wrong habits. Fix a habit that is bad for the skin. Here are some habits that can aggravate the skin condition. Not getting enough antioxidants. Fulfill the skin’s need for antioxidants, at least eat five servings […]

This Ritual Makes Skin Wrinkle

Many Women are not aware that some beauty rituals actually cause problems that reduce beauty. Here are some beauty rituals that make skin wrinkled easily. Pulls skin in the eye area when applying eyeliner. Pulls skin in the eye area when applying eyeliner can cause some skin problems. This habit makes the skin of the […]

Natural Ways to Make Eyebrows Be Dense and Black

Eyebrow beauty is one of the beauty facial enhancers to make it look perfect. However, just because it wants to look pretty much people plucked his eyebrows that look pointy, but they do not know the frequency of doing so will make their eyebrows rarer, even run out. Here are some ways to blacken and […]

Things that Cause Hair Loss

Hair loss can sometimes make you feel less confident. Before treating hair loss, you should first identify the cause and find the solution. Actually, hair loss is normal. Although everyday hair falling to 80 pieces, it is also still within normal limits. Therefore, hair loss is a process of circulation to provide an opportunity for […]

Thins Down Thick Lips Quickly

For some men as well as women, sexy and attractive lips are thin and full lips, so they always try to attenuate their lips in various ways. There are some easy tips to attenuate your lips: Always clean the lips. Lips that are not cleaned will look dark, dead skin cells are piled up. Doing […]