Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss problems can happen to anyone. Hair loss is not only caused by hair styling, but also caused by several other factors such as the influence of pollution, ultra violet rays, free radicals. There are special signs when the hair starts to be said to fall out. The process of hair loss began to […]

Tips to Shrink The Skin Pores

All women would want a beautiful face and look younger. Unfortunately many women have large pores that make them look older and become less confident. There are several factors that cause the skin pores to enlarge, among others because of the blackheads, acne, age, and mistreatment. Here are the natural ingredients that help you shrink […]

The Cause of Blackheads

Most blackheads appear on the cheeks, nose and T-zone areas. Blackheads can interfere with appearance, also make makeup is not attached perfectly. Most people make the mistake of punching blackheads on the face. Blackheads are squeezed will cause acne and the pores will enlarge. If the pores are enlarged and acne appears to cause more […]

Lifting The Dead Skin Cells in The Face

  Dead skin cells, especially on the face often interfere with appearance. If our face is dry, dull or even black spots, we will feel less confident. Here are some tips that are worth to try. Lime Take one piece of lime, then cut it into two parts. Apply and rub gently on your face […]

Eliminate Blackheads Naturally

For the young adults, blackhead is a big problem. Blackhead can ruin a person’s appearance, and can make him unconfident. On the face, blackhead usually appears around the nose and cheeks. If the blackhead is left enlarged, it will cause the pores of the skin is also getting bigger, and will be difficult to re-shrink […]